Striving to safely grow assests, provide income, and leave a legacy


Mission Statement



BullishBaer strives to protect assets, to provide income, and to leave a legacy. We offer clarity and simplicity to an overly complex financial world by implementing a disciplined investment strategy rooted in independent academic research. We work to ease the burden of managing portfolios, work toward providing retirement income, reducing taxes, and leaving a legacy, all of which reduce stress and give our clients more valuable time with family and friends. As we work with many small business owners, families, and individual investors, BullishBaer appreciates the importance of attempting to grow assets while seeking to mitigate risk. 

About Erick


Erick has worked in the financial industry for more than 20 years. His concentrated specialties are in tax-advantaged investing, legacy planning, asset protection, charitable planning, developing strategies targeting wealth accumulation, preparing against unforeseen losses and making the financial planning process easier and more efficient for his clients. Erick offers clarity and simplicity to an overly complex financial world. In his clients' financial lives, Erick’s best role is acting as the quarterback for their team of "advisors" (i.e., CPAs, Attorneys, etc.), propelling everyone's efforts toward the common goals of preserving assets, maximizing income, and leaving a legacy.


A little history



Before becoming a financial advisor, Erick was a touring and teaching tennis pro. A few years ago, he won the National Seniors Hard Court Doubles Championships. Although on the surface, sports may seem like a far cry from the industry of finance, being a professional athlete forced him to master skills which ultimately proved to both launch and improve his career in financial planning. Developing a strong character, becoming an advocate of disciplined training and honing his strategic skills (sometimes impromptu) all have made him a unique financial planner. While he still plays tennis for fun, his successes reside more in competent financial planning than a strong backhand. 



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